About me

I love what I do!

I am fortunate in that I get to do the work I love every day. My favorite is frontend web design but as a consultant I have spent countless hours designing databases, coding batch programs and leading projects.

Here are some of the technologies I enjoy and use often. Full Stack Developing, Bootstrap, JQuery, AJAX, Web Services, CSS, UI/UX Development, C#, .NET, SQL Server, Twitter API, Instagram API, Small business/Startups, Twitter Marketing, Lead Generation, Twitter Campaign Strategy, Writing, Twitter for Business, Twitter Tools, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Hosting, Web Design & Programming, Domain Registration, Database Design & Administration, Team Building/Leading

My Work

Here are a few websites/web apps that I have
had a major hand in designing and creating.


Mokumax is a Twitter marketing software platform that helps companies find hot leads, promote their message and establish their brand on Twitter.

Mokumax is my design and creation based on an obsessive amount of time studying and marketing on Twitter.

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Twitter Grader

Twitter Grader is a free tool that analyzes your Twitter account and provides actionable insights to improve your Twitter influence. Get your grade today.

ASP.net MVC5, SQL Server 2014, HighCharts, Twitter API, OAuth, JQuery

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Healthcare Supply Chain is a subscription based website that offers healthcare data metrics on over 750,000 healthcare organizational data.

DNN aspnet membership, website built using c# .net user controls, AJAX, JQuery, SQL Server, CSS, JSON, Twitter Bootstrap, Responsive design.

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HealthcareSupplyChain Store

Responsible for developing healthcare supply chain database and profiles eCommerce storefront with backend to auto-gen real-time products. Products are available 24 hours a day and most are available for immediate download. This eCommerce website is fully integrated into our business website HealthcareSupplyChain.com.

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McCann Chiropractic

Website upgrade using Wordpress as content management system. Included SEO optimization and Google Local placement.

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StratCenter is the frontend marketing website hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Built using Wordpress, FontAwesome, and Twitter Bootstrap. Includes SEO optimization.

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Carlisle E-Free Church

Converted DotNetNuke (DNN) website to Wordpress. Also, optimized SEO and local directory placement.

Keyword Target: carlisle church
Google Rank: #1

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Keystone Hearings

Developed new website using Wordpress as the CMS and optimized the website (SEO). Website also included search engine submission and Google local placement where Keystone Hearings, LLC is listed on the 1st page.

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J & C Electrical

Carlisle electrician website using Wordpress as backend with integration to YouTube for video feeds. Also, SEO each landing page for a targeted audience on Google, Bing and Alexa. Included social sharing integration.

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Converted HTML template to responsive Wordpress template with a modern look. Website included optimized SEO with several brand specific landing pages. Subscription web application was developed in c# .NET with SQL Server as the backend and included the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

Targeted keywords: well reports
Google Placement: #1 on first page

Targeted keywords: drilling reports
Google Placement: #3 on first page

Targeted keywords: rig reports
Google Placement: #7 on first page

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I'm pretty busy but love side projects so let's work together.

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